Friday, October 15, 2010

Slooow down

Okay, it is super annoying that I wait several months between posts because then I feel like I have to do a huge, boring post. So, I promise every post I do won't be like this because I WILL get better at blogging when life slows down a little. Does anyone feel like this semester (or last few months) has gone by so quick? Here's what Joey and I have been up to:

A quick trip to Vegas. We only booked a room for one night so we brought stuff to camp in St. George on our way there. We just decided to keep driving to Vegas that night. We looked everywhere for hotel rooms that night and everything was booked and the sickest Motel 6 was $130 for one night so what did we do? Oh you know, just camped off the side of the highway. I was throwing a fit and Joey was loving life. Typical. Cars zooming past all night and morning.

Joey has been interviewing at med schools! I'm totally bragging about him... His first interview was at MidWestern. He interviewed on a Friday and the dean of the school called him three days later to personally accept him weeks before they officially start accepting people! We are really excited and will have to see if he gets in to some other schools to make a final decision. He interviewed at U of A Phoenix and Tuscon last week so we will keep our fingers crossed for those too!

My family came to visit! I LOVE when they come! I even had some aunts and cousin here and we did some fun things. We went to Garner's Village one day and a corn maze at Thanksgiving Point another day. If you are in Utah, you must do both!

My mom is the bomb

I am still workin' away at the Flower Patch!
You would think after working with flowers for three years and selling every boy in Provo, Utah a dozen red roses for their wife/girlfriend that I would never want them. I thought I wouldn't. But, I will never judge another boy again. Joey said I had to have something cute to replace him while he was gone to Arizona.

We went to Nickel City the other day and I walked around the corner to find Joey seriously about to cry cause he lost a game! He didn't even know I took this...

We have had a few fun hang outs this semester. These boys love to play poker (not my favorite thing).

We are trying to go to all the temples in Utah before we leave here in April. We have gone to about half so far so there is a ways to go!

Joey went to Nicaragua this past week for the research he has been doing the past few years! I am never letting him do it again unless I get to come! He did not take one picture but he said it was beautiful there. School is also so busy for both of us. I start teaching 5th grade in a week so we will see how that goes! Life is great!