Monday, November 29, 2010

We made it!

One year ago I got married to the most wonderful boy in the world. We are so lucky to have found each other almost four years ago! I'm pretty sure we got all our drama out in the first several years dating because marriage has been so easy and fun. Can't wait to spend eternity with my best friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been thinking about Lance a lot lately. Lance was one of my best friends growing up, especially in elementary school. He lived two houses down. Our sophmore year of high school he was hit by a car as he was walking home from school and it killed him instantly. It was a really hard thing for everyone.

I have been student teaching in 5th grade the past few weeks and there is a little boy in my class who reminds me so much of Lance. He has the same cute glasses, the same tucked in shirts, the same perfectly combed hair, and the same sweet, funny personality. I knew Lance the very best in elementary school and it brings back all of our fun memories: rollerblading after school in our matching roller blades, trick-or-treating, playing four square all night long in his garage, having family dinners together all the time, being in the same school class almost every year, jumping on the tramp and waving over the fence, him coming over for hours just to play our computer games, him watching tv literally two inches away from the screen, etc.

I feel so luck to have known Lance so well. I know that Heavenly Father needed him for a reason. There is no one like him. I also feel luck to get to teach these wonderful 5th graders who bring back all of my memories from elementary school (Kalli and Savanna, I have been thinking about us in 5th grade in Dr. J's class and laugh at how weird we were). It is funny to walk in a room of 30 students the first day and not know any of them and within two weeks I already care about them so much. I see so much of myself in these students and I am so grateful for the things they teach me.

Kind of an intense post, I know. I just thought I would share a little about someone who has made such an impact on my life. Life is great!