Sunday, April 10, 2011

Student Teaching and Birthday

I seriously can't believe that I am done with student teaching, which therefore means done with BYU. I was in a 2nd/3rd grade class for the first 8 weeks and a 6th grade class the last 6 weeks. For 5 of those 6 weeks in 6th grade, I taught all day, everyday and these cute kids definitely felt like my own. We had some really good times together to say the least. I never knew how much I could really love a bunch of random kids until I started teaching. I find myself praying for them at night and thinking about them on weekends and after school. It was hard getting observed a bizillion times and having people critique everything I did but I honestly feel ready to teach and have my own classroom.

But, I am ready for my house to not look like this anymore....
(Teacher Work Sample days. Love the full circle around my blanket spot)

Look at this cute class...
(Notice my autistic friend in the front throughout each picture. I could take a whole blog post just about him.)

We were supposed to be making ugly faces but apparently I was the only one doing it!

Some of the many random gifts I got on my last day.

My super cute mentor teacher. She is the most amazing teacher and I learned so much from her! Best way to end my semester.
ALSO, I had a birthday in the mix of all of this. I spent most my day teaching (we had a huge dance party to celebrate) but that night we went to dinner with some family. I woke up to so many fun gifts from my cute husband and got lots of fun things from cousins, family, and friends. Thank you!

Best cake ever from my cute cousin Brittany.
Longest post ever! Stay tuned for graduation in a week and a half!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We love...


What have we been up to? Oh, besides school, work, and teaching we manage to eat at least one of these bags of jelly beans EACH DAY. These are a few of our very favorite. They are in stores for three more weeks so go try them if you haven't... maybe if you buy them they will be sold out so we can't eat anymore. Happy Sunday and conference!