Saturday, January 16, 2010

Major Update!

Okay so I am officially the WORST blogger! I guess our lives have been a little busy lately though... Joey and I got married November 28th and we have had quite an adventure since then! We definitely will have some good stories to tell our kids! On our way headed back up to Utah the day after we got married, Joey's tire was flat, he had no spare, then his car wouldn't start so we ended up staying in some random town that night. When we got back to Utah and moved into our first home...Motel 6! We would buy food at WalMart and lay out towels on our bed to eat dinner. Really, it was one of the funnest things ever! We stayed there for a week then moved to our next home...Lauren and Ryan's house (which seriously saved our lives). I got super sick that week which just happened to be finals week so I had to miss a few finals. Lauren was the best sister in the world and took care of me the whole time while Joey ran to school and back trying to fit in his finals.
Our flight left to Cancun in the middle of finals week so I flew home cause I was too sick to drive and Joey drove all through the night so we could catch our flight at 4:45 a.m. the next day. We spent the week before Christmas in Cancun which was a blast (once I felt better). It was super relaxing after a lot of craziness. We did a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping. So our flight home had a lay over in Minneapolis (real random) which happened to have a huge snow storm come in the night before Christmas Eve when our flight landed. Hundred of flights were being canceled so Joey had to put up with a few good cries over me freaking out I wouldn't get home. He tired to comfort me by saying we could spend Christmas in Wisconsin where he went on his mission... That did not go over well!! But, we made it home in time for Christmas thank goodness!! We spent the next week with our families which was the best! I was so sad to leave them but also ready to get our life started. I finally got to look at the stuff I got for my bridal shower 3 months ago! On our way back we stopped in Vegas for Trent and Kayla's wedding. It was beautiful! We are so happy for them! FINALLY, we got to Utah again and moved into our house which we are still putting altogether. We both started our new busy semesters and Joey is already starting to study for the MCAT coming up. It has been so fun to start our little family together and get settled down. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing husband! He seriously is the best thing ever! We have a blast together and everyday is a new adventure!

K I have tons of pictures from the past 6 months of our lives so brace yourselves!

Everyone went to Jenny's cute house on Halloween for treats!

Carving pumpkins

We got to go to conference with my friend Vanessa and her husband TJ. It was so awesome to be there!

Joey turned 24 during our few crazy months! I was starting to feel sick his birthday morning so this is Laur making him a birthday breakfast!

Honeymoon!!! Cancun is the best! The water is crystal clear and the weather was awesome when it wasn't raining :)

We had so many yummy dinners! There was a new theme every night.

These were our pictures taken in our hotel room dedicated to Jamie and guys know why!

Christmas Eve Tradition!!! All of the Davis cousins get together and open pajamas. Joey was excited to be part of this!

All the cute new in-laws added to the family! I love all three of the boys so much!!

Me and my cute sister! Didn't know how to change the direction...

Trent and Kayla's wedding! Sorry for the longest post of all times!! Hopefully I will get better at updating more!