Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Latest

Wow, only 5 months since my last post...awesome. I do have some excuses! We have been pretty busy the past few months. I'll do a quick overview.

School has been crazy! I got to student teach for the month of March and it was super fun! I have the cutest friend Ashley who was with me through it all!
I work in all my spare time pretty much. Luckily I love the girls I work with and love what I do so it is never too bad.

Joey has been studying up a storm for the MCAT that he takes in a WEEK!!! He will do great...I think he's a smarty. This is the only picture I could find of him studying haha. He's worn out!

I had an amazing birthday in April thanks to Joey, Laur, and my family.

Lauren graduated from BYU! Yay!!

We flew down to Arizona for Joey's brother's wedding in May. It was such a fun trip! We are so happy for Aaron!

Jake came in town for Special Olympics. Him and Joey were in charge of activities and I tagged along and volunteered. It really is the best weekend of my whole year.

Rachel moved up here!! It has been so fun to have her up here finally!

AND...on June 18th, the day after I finish finals and the day Joey takes the MCAT, we are headed to Wisconsin to Joey's mission. He gets to baptize the cutest girl Katie! We are really excited for her!