Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Short-Lived Love

I have been putting off this post for a few weeks because I was embarrassed about how typical this story was. We randomly decided to get a puppy... Seriously, it even shocked me that we did this. Those who know me know that I am NOT a dog lover and they will not even be surprised by this story. But, out of no where we wanted a dog, found one online for sale, within minutes drove an hour and a half away and bought it! She was a little cockapoo and was so cute and sweet. After five LONG days of zero sleep, locking the poor thing in the bathroom for 10 hours in the day time, baking chicken for the dog cause she wouldn't eat (um, high-maintenance?), Joey never home, and not being able to leave the house once I got home from work, we decided we better rethink the dog situation. Believe it or not, we were both so sad! We gave her to a family we know who unlike us has people home in the day, a backyard, an actual house, and people to play with her. So there ya go, our five days of dog love.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Love the Hospital

We live in the hospital (school/work). We get there at 6:15am every morning and part our separate ways. I go to the Sarver Heart Center on the 5th floor of the hospital and Joey goes to the 2nd floor to the medical school. Some mornings, Joey will bring me hospital breakfast since they don't open until 6:30 and I am already working away. If we are lucky, we meet up for hospital lunch. If we are not so lucky, we eat hospital cafeteria lunch separately. Then, by the time I am done working, I am ready for dinner (yesterday hospital pizza) and Joey stays till all hours of the night (not sure what hospital food he got last night). If we were picky eaters we'd be in trouble.

Long story short, we love the hospital and I miss my husband.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is literally me. I promise that is how many papers worth of things I need to know how to do. It feels like 12 jobs put into one with doctors needing stuff done ASAP! Ah!! Major learning curve...

On a lighter note, we found a huge rat today chillin between our screen door and front door when we got home. Then, it didn't want to leave so it crawled up the wall by our front door. Super yucky. AND, a huge tarantula was on our back porch Sunday night! It was the size of my hand. Man, the Tucson wildlife is going to take some adjusting.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Starting first thing in the morning, I will be an employee at the Sarver Heart Center at the University Medical Center! You know that feeling you get right before you start a new job? Well, I have that right now.

I will be the Administrative Assistant for several Cardio even sounds scary huh?! Despite the fact that the doctors and secretaries told me it is so high stress, fast-paced, high volume that you will loose weight, dream about it, have a pit in your stomach etc. for the first few months, I feel like it is a HUGE blessing I got this job. There is a long list of crazy things that happened to get me this job and I know there is no way I could have done it on my own. Well, outfit picked out, lunch packed, cardiology terminology looked over :), I guess I am ready to start my new job! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Okay, most of you who know me know that I am not much of a homemaker. Not a great cook, not overly clean, not extra crafty, etc... It's fine. BUT, over the past few weeks with not a whole ton to do in the lovely town of Tucson I have been teaching myself some skills. My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas and the box was just opened two weeks ago for the first time. Reading the directions on the box was seriously like reading a foreign language. How should I have known what a bobbin was? Thanks to many youtube videos and lots of hours of re-watching every ten seconds of each video, I taught myself how to thread a machine and sew!

I'm not great yet so don't judge too harshly but it has been so fun learning how to do it.

Our ugly room before:

My work in progress:

Next projects...

Also, I had some visitors this weekend! So fun having Rach, Shanni, and Morg here. Now I just need to talk one of them into moving here with me!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Student Doctor Nelson

So proud of this cute boy! He loves that I make him take "back to school" pictures. Isn't that a tradition no matter what kind of school you are going to!?
This medical school stuff is the real deal... school and studying from 7:30 to 10:00 everyday on the first week alone! I'm sure glad he loves it though because there is a lot to come.
Here he is getting his white coat at the ceremony.
The three friends. I am sure glad we have them here with us. We have already had tons of fun with them. Casey has the cutest little family that I have loved getting to spend time with and Brenner already feels like family. We are going to use this picture as a before and in four years take an after shot. We are expecting some balding and lots of gray hairs.

As for me, still trying to look for jobs at the university and getting ready to substitute teach for this year! Also, loving that we are so close to home. I have already been home once, my family has come once, and Joey's parents came this past weekend. SO NICE to only be a few hours away!

P.S. Next time anyone is in Tucson, you must pay a visit to Eegee's. We have literally gone everyday since we have been here and we have been here a few weeks. This may come close to Starburst jellybeans? Doesn't Joey's face say it all? Ha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ready or Not

I have been avoiding the inevitable...moving. You know when you think something is so far away that you don't really have to face it? Well, that is what I have done this whole summer and it must change because ready or not, we are heading to Tucson on Monday!

I have been living in an unrealistic, dream world called home. We have stayed with our parents, eaten every meal with our parents, hung out with sisters/family all day, and I haven't worked a minute all summer! So, moving and starting a new little life in Tucson is going to be a rude awakening. Regardless, it is a good thing. We are excited to meet new people, excited for Joey to start school, excited to make our little apartment cute, and excited to get this new chapter of our lives started.
This will be our newest home in 4 days!

Friday, June 3, 2011

What I got out of BYU...

I know I haven't posted for a while and I have no excuse. I have been chillin in Arizona with no work and no school! I'm trying to take advantage of it because it is coming to a close pretty dang quick!

Being a fresh college grad, I was trying to think of exactly what I got out of my four years of college.

For starters, I got a husband out of it! I can't believe Joey and I started dating the summer before BYU. I sure feel lucky to have had him throughout every step of the journey and to always have a best friend to share every new experience with.

A great education....

A job I loved.... With awesome friends there....

The cutest friends I met in my major....

Lots of little friends...

Lots of different roommates...

Fun times with my family and friends...

And the list goes on! I'm definitely happy to be done with school for a while but sad to leave Utah and all of the people we love there!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Student Teaching and Birthday

I seriously can't believe that I am done with student teaching, which therefore means done with BYU. I was in a 2nd/3rd grade class for the first 8 weeks and a 6th grade class the last 6 weeks. For 5 of those 6 weeks in 6th grade, I taught all day, everyday and these cute kids definitely felt like my own. We had some really good times together to say the least. I never knew how much I could really love a bunch of random kids until I started teaching. I find myself praying for them at night and thinking about them on weekends and after school. It was hard getting observed a bizillion times and having people critique everything I did but I honestly feel ready to teach and have my own classroom.

But, I am ready for my house to not look like this anymore....
(Teacher Work Sample days. Love the full circle around my blanket spot)

Look at this cute class...
(Notice my autistic friend in the front throughout each picture. I could take a whole blog post just about him.)

We were supposed to be making ugly faces but apparently I was the only one doing it!

Some of the many random gifts I got on my last day.

My super cute mentor teacher. She is the most amazing teacher and I learned so much from her! Best way to end my semester.
ALSO, I had a birthday in the mix of all of this. I spent most my day teaching (we had a huge dance party to celebrate) but that night we went to dinner with some family. I woke up to so many fun gifts from my cute husband and got lots of fun things from cousins, family, and friends. Thank you!

Best cake ever from my cute cousin Brittany.
Longest post ever! Stay tuned for graduation in a week and a half!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We love...


What have we been up to? Oh, besides school, work, and teaching we manage to eat at least one of these bags of jelly beans EACH DAY. These are a few of our very favorite. They are in stores for three more weeks so go try them if you haven't... maybe if you buy them they will be sold out so we can't eat anymore. Happy Sunday and conference!