Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday Boy

Joey turned 25 on Sunday! I have got to celebrate the last 4 birthdays with him! This year, since it was on a Sunday, we just had all of our friends come over for treats. It was so fun to see everyone!

First birthday together at the awesome King Henry.

Opening up some presents in the morning. He had to hurry and put his hat on for a picture??

Right before the crowd came! What a cute boy...

Buddy the Elf and Santa came into my work the other day. They have some true Christmas Spirit!

We are headed home Wednesday for Christmas. We sure can't wait to relax after these crazy finals. And, we really can't wait to see our families. I'm pretty sure these pictures are our family Christmas cards.
Davis family

Nelson family

Monday, November 29, 2010

We made it!

One year ago I got married to the most wonderful boy in the world. We are so lucky to have found each other almost four years ago! I'm pretty sure we got all our drama out in the first several years dating because marriage has been so easy and fun. Can't wait to spend eternity with my best friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been thinking about Lance a lot lately. Lance was one of my best friends growing up, especially in elementary school. He lived two houses down. Our sophmore year of high school he was hit by a car as he was walking home from school and it killed him instantly. It was a really hard thing for everyone.

I have been student teaching in 5th grade the past few weeks and there is a little boy in my class who reminds me so much of Lance. He has the same cute glasses, the same tucked in shirts, the same perfectly combed hair, and the same sweet, funny personality. I knew Lance the very best in elementary school and it brings back all of our fun memories: rollerblading after school in our matching roller blades, trick-or-treating, playing four square all night long in his garage, having family dinners together all the time, being in the same school class almost every year, jumping on the tramp and waving over the fence, him coming over for hours just to play our computer games, him watching tv literally two inches away from the screen, etc.

I feel so luck to have known Lance so well. I know that Heavenly Father needed him for a reason. There is no one like him. I also feel luck to get to teach these wonderful 5th graders who bring back all of my memories from elementary school (Kalli and Savanna, I have been thinking about us in 5th grade in Dr. J's class and laugh at how weird we were). It is funny to walk in a room of 30 students the first day and not know any of them and within two weeks I already care about them so much. I see so much of myself in these students and I am so grateful for the things they teach me.

Kind of an intense post, I know. I just thought I would share a little about someone who has made such an impact on my life. Life is great!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Slooow down

Okay, it is super annoying that I wait several months between posts because then I feel like I have to do a huge, boring post. So, I promise every post I do won't be like this because I WILL get better at blogging when life slows down a little. Does anyone feel like this semester (or last few months) has gone by so quick? Here's what Joey and I have been up to:

A quick trip to Vegas. We only booked a room for one night so we brought stuff to camp in St. George on our way there. We just decided to keep driving to Vegas that night. We looked everywhere for hotel rooms that night and everything was booked and the sickest Motel 6 was $130 for one night so what did we do? Oh you know, just camped off the side of the highway. I was throwing a fit and Joey was loving life. Typical. Cars zooming past all night and morning.

Joey has been interviewing at med schools! I'm totally bragging about him... His first interview was at MidWestern. He interviewed on a Friday and the dean of the school called him three days later to personally accept him weeks before they officially start accepting people! We are really excited and will have to see if he gets in to some other schools to make a final decision. He interviewed at U of A Phoenix and Tuscon last week so we will keep our fingers crossed for those too!

My family came to visit! I LOVE when they come! I even had some aunts and cousin here and we did some fun things. We went to Garner's Village one day and a corn maze at Thanksgiving Point another day. If you are in Utah, you must do both!

My mom is the bomb

I am still workin' away at the Flower Patch!
You would think after working with flowers for three years and selling every boy in Provo, Utah a dozen red roses for their wife/girlfriend that I would never want them. I thought I wouldn't. But, I will never judge another boy again. Joey said I had to have something cute to replace him while he was gone to Arizona.

We went to Nickel City the other day and I walked around the corner to find Joey seriously about to cry cause he lost a game! He didn't even know I took this...

We have had a few fun hang outs this semester. These boys love to play poker (not my favorite thing).

We are trying to go to all the temples in Utah before we leave here in April. We have gone to about half so far so there is a ways to go!

Joey went to Nicaragua this past week for the research he has been doing the past few years! I am never letting him do it again unless I get to come! He did not take one picture but he said it was beautiful there. School is also so busy for both of us. I start teaching 5th grade in a week so we will see how that goes! Life is great!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Latest

Wow, only 5 months since my last post...awesome. I do have some excuses! We have been pretty busy the past few months. I'll do a quick overview.

School has been crazy! I got to student teach for the month of March and it was super fun! I have the cutest friend Ashley who was with me through it all!
I work in all my spare time pretty much. Luckily I love the girls I work with and love what I do so it is never too bad.

Joey has been studying up a storm for the MCAT that he takes in a WEEK!!! He will do great...I think he's a smarty. This is the only picture I could find of him studying haha. He's worn out!

I had an amazing birthday in April thanks to Joey, Laur, and my family.

Lauren graduated from BYU! Yay!!

We flew down to Arizona for Joey's brother's wedding in May. It was such a fun trip! We are so happy for Aaron!

Jake came in town for Special Olympics. Him and Joey were in charge of activities and I tagged along and volunteered. It really is the best weekend of my whole year.

Rachel moved up here!! It has been so fun to have her up here finally!

AND...on June 18th, the day after I finish finals and the day Joey takes the MCAT, we are headed to Wisconsin to Joey's mission. He gets to baptize the cutest girl Katie! We are really excited for her!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Major Update!

Okay so I am officially the WORST blogger! I guess our lives have been a little busy lately though... Joey and I got married November 28th and we have had quite an adventure since then! We definitely will have some good stories to tell our kids! On our way headed back up to Utah the day after we got married, Joey's tire was flat, he had no spare, then his car wouldn't start so we ended up staying in some random town that night. When we got back to Utah and moved into our first home...Motel 6! We would buy food at WalMart and lay out towels on our bed to eat dinner. Really, it was one of the funnest things ever! We stayed there for a week then moved to our next home...Lauren and Ryan's house (which seriously saved our lives). I got super sick that week which just happened to be finals week so I had to miss a few finals. Lauren was the best sister in the world and took care of me the whole time while Joey ran to school and back trying to fit in his finals.
Our flight left to Cancun in the middle of finals week so I flew home cause I was too sick to drive and Joey drove all through the night so we could catch our flight at 4:45 a.m. the next day. We spent the week before Christmas in Cancun which was a blast (once I felt better). It was super relaxing after a lot of craziness. We did a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping. So our flight home had a lay over in Minneapolis (real random) which happened to have a huge snow storm come in the night before Christmas Eve when our flight landed. Hundred of flights were being canceled so Joey had to put up with a few good cries over me freaking out I wouldn't get home. He tired to comfort me by saying we could spend Christmas in Wisconsin where he went on his mission... That did not go over well!! But, we made it home in time for Christmas thank goodness!! We spent the next week with our families which was the best! I was so sad to leave them but also ready to get our life started. I finally got to look at the stuff I got for my bridal shower 3 months ago! On our way back we stopped in Vegas for Trent and Kayla's wedding. It was beautiful! We are so happy for them! FINALLY, we got to Utah again and moved into our house which we are still putting altogether. We both started our new busy semesters and Joey is already starting to study for the MCAT coming up. It has been so fun to start our little family together and get settled down. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing husband! He seriously is the best thing ever! We have a blast together and everyday is a new adventure!

K I have tons of pictures from the past 6 months of our lives so brace yourselves!

Everyone went to Jenny's cute house on Halloween for treats!

Carving pumpkins

We got to go to conference with my friend Vanessa and her husband TJ. It was so awesome to be there!

Joey turned 24 during our few crazy months! I was starting to feel sick his birthday morning so this is Laur making him a birthday breakfast!

Honeymoon!!! Cancun is the best! The water is crystal clear and the weather was awesome when it wasn't raining :)

We had so many yummy dinners! There was a new theme every night.

These were our pictures taken in our hotel room dedicated to Jamie and guys know why!

Christmas Eve Tradition!!! All of the Davis cousins get together and open pajamas. Joey was excited to be part of this!

All the cute new in-laws added to the family! I love all three of the boys so much!!

Me and my cute sister! Didn't know how to change the direction...

Trent and Kayla's wedding! Sorry for the longest post of all times!! Hopefully I will get better at updating more!