Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arizona, here we come!

So, it is official. Joey was accepted to University of Arizona on Wednesday!! This was by far our top choice for so many reasons and Joey was convinced there was absolutely no way he was going to get in (they NEVER accept white, BYU students). He was already making big plans for Virginia: calling people there, looking for jobs for me, finding housing, researching everything about the medical school etc. But, for some reason, I didn't feel like it was where we would end up. It is beautiful there and it would be a completely new experience living on the East coast but I still never felt convinced.

Even though we won't be living somewhere that looks like this anymore...

We are fine with it because this is what we have lived in our whole lives (Mesa might be a little prettier than Tucson).

Best things about it:
Two hours away from our families (dream come true)
Less than 1/3rd of the cost as Virginia, or some of the other schools
I can work for U of A and Joey will get FREE MEDICAL SCHOOL!
I can get my masters right away if I want
Cost of living is nothing compared to Virginia
Amazing medical school

Just thought I would share our very exciting news with everyone! If anyone ever decides to visit the very beautiful town of Tucson, Arizona, you have a place to stay :)