Monday, August 22, 2011


Okay, most of you who know me know that I am not much of a homemaker. Not a great cook, not overly clean, not extra crafty, etc... It's fine. BUT, over the past few weeks with not a whole ton to do in the lovely town of Tucson I have been teaching myself some skills. My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas and the box was just opened two weeks ago for the first time. Reading the directions on the box was seriously like reading a foreign language. How should I have known what a bobbin was? Thanks to many youtube videos and lots of hours of re-watching every ten seconds of each video, I taught myself how to thread a machine and sew!

I'm not great yet so don't judge too harshly but it has been so fun learning how to do it.

Our ugly room before:

My work in progress:

Next projects...

Also, I had some visitors this weekend! So fun having Rach, Shanni, and Morg here. Now I just need to talk one of them into moving here with me!


  1. I am seriously so impressed those pillows are so darn cute! I might have to ask you where you got the patterns!!

  2. I'm so glad you learned to sew from youtube. Seriously, that's the greatest thing ever.

  3. I found your blog! And did a post today like the one you did for Joey's first day of school.

    Way to go on the sewing machine! That's tough work.

  4. Your sewing projects turned out so cute! Loved getting to see you this weekend. Good thing you posted the cute, sweaty picture ha!

  5. Raeg! So impressive. Miss you. I'm happy you are keeping yourself busy :) Love you

  6. So cute raegan! I am impressed. I totally took a sewing class and I don't remember what a bobbin is. Haha

  7. We love Raegster and her newly found crafting skills! Yay for your cute bedroom and great deals too :) Goof job!

  8. I'm 100% impressed!!! If someday I decide to take up sewing, YouTube is the way to go.